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Maurizio Tintori, from Bergamo (Italy) age class 1961, has under his belt different extra European journeys, such as in South America, Africa and Asia.
Keen about naturalistic journeys, mountaineering, trekking and photography, he tries to combine these different passions sharing his time among his job of chemist and his family.
“I’ve always had a dream: travel, meet the world, especially Asia and its great Himalayan chain; a dream I’ve pursued for a long time, and that I’ve realized only few years ago. When I climb a mountain, make a journey or go into the wild nature, I do not have enough of noticing and seizing mentally the moment: I need to capture that image and that moment, by the lens of my camera. This is not only the entry of what the human eye sees; from images emerge feelings and emotions as, as Cartier Bresson wrote, - photograph is putting on the same line mind, eye, heart - If you really want to know what you see, you have to stop and listen through your heart, and see through your soul’s eyes what is in front of you, even if it is a mountain, a tree hundreds of years old or the smiling face of a child. In this way you learn to understand and love. During my journeys in remote areas, I think of my domestic routine and everything seems to be so far, so ridiculous: the frenzy of our culture tends to destroy emotions, relationships, friendships. In the silence of patagonic lands, or into the rumble of a mountain storm, rises from the ranks the awareness that the real meaning of life is hidden among these mountains and into the wilderness."